Friday, January 16, 2009


Monday the 5th of January my Dad slipped and fell on the ice. He hit his head so hard he was knocked out and had severe trauma to his brain. We waited a week for signs of improvement or anything good but nothing, in face what little functioning he did have soon declined. Monday morning, with family around, we took him off the respirator and true to my father he was strong and stubborn for almost 24 hours. He left us holding his hands and telling him we love him. It's devastating. I'm going to miss him so much and I'm terribly sad for the things he will miss as my sister and I move through our lives. Who I am is largely because of him.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Just a quick matter.

Call me irrational, call me over sensitive... but I do not really like it when the guy I am with talks about how attractive or cute another girl is. Well, actresses or people on tv. It hasn't happened with random people we see on the street(although that has in the past with another guy). I just find it kind of annoying to be honest. I wouldn't talk about how hot or cute some guy is. I just don't find it to be a great topic of discussion.haha We all have our issues. Obviously.haha

Ok now I feel better! Thank goodness for being able to write things down. Now if only I could write better...haha

Hope you all had a great and safe New Years celebration! Here's to Looking Fine in Oh Nine!