Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I've been seeing this guy the past month. He is pretty great and he found me completely randomly which makes things kind of crazy! I'll get into that some other time.
The point of this post is something he said to me while we were lying down the other night. We were joking around and I forget what I said but it was something about never having sex ever and he said loudly, "What?! This is an adult relationship, honey!"
It was so funny and so cute and it makes me laugh hearing his voice in my head say it. But he's totally right. This is, I think, my first adult relationship.
The last guy I was in a relationship with was Nic. It feels different from that and that relationship was a serious one. He wanted me to move to Germany with him. Sheesh can you imagine if that worked? I don't know if I ever could have really gone through with it. Freaking Germany! Way too far away from everything I love here. I'd love to visit, but not live. Also his family was nuts!haha
That was one of the worst weeks ever, in regards to happy things. I mean it's weird. The first time I met Nic, when I looked into his eyes the first thought I had in my mind was "I'm going to marry this guy." But thank goodness that never went any further. That was my first initial feeling, but it didn't exactly stay there. I thought I could when really I was just trying to believe it. I was just trying to prolong it, thinking this was the best I had in store for me. Thinking this was the greatest guy ever.
Little did I know almost two years later Aaron would come barreling into my life.

I'm afraid of things, naturally. I've never really been in this place before and I hope it doesn't go away as quickly as it showed up. That would be awful! I can't imagine things without him and you can't make me! :P Even though I have thought about it before.
I don't know why but I have this problem with people where if we get into a fight I think they are going to completely up and leave on me. So if I have a problem in my head and it's bothering me, I get scared to bring it up because I'm afraid they'll leave. I wonder what that means?
There are too many "I"s in this blog so far.
He is amazing. One of the funniest people I know. So kind and caring. I think he deserves the best.

It just so happens that I call myself "the best" on a regular basis. :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Life On Hold

Even though I say my "life is on hold" it's really just kinda busy.

I went to Illinois for the week of a lifetime. Oh it was great! I loved seeing my guys. Here is a picture of us:

Josh, Chris, Me, Steve, and Steve. Love those boys.

On the way home from Illinois, I had to go to Atlanta to go back up to NY. Unfortunately I missed my flight to NY and was stuck in Atlanta for 13 hours. Ugggh that was a mess. It was so cold! The woman next to me offered me a heavy curtain she was bringing up from Florida to keep warm.haha It was insane. I didn't sleep either.

This past weekend was the other wedding up in Saratoga. It was very nice! I don't have the pictures uploaded yet, so I don't have any to share. But it was fun.

Then I got sick.

And am still sick.

What the heck?

Now this Friday I'm leaving to go to Rhode Island to visit some friends. It'll be fun but my August is slipping away from me! Pretty soon I'll be in school again. Ugggh don't even remind me.haha

I also spent a full day reading Breaking Dawn. So worth it. I really loved it. I was able to check of my mental checklist for the series. WARNING! SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Bella becomes a vampire
-Bella and Edward are together for forever
-Jacob imprints and grows up
-Bella and Edward do it.hahaha

So there you go. Time for some dinner.