Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Life On Hold

Even though I say my "life is on hold" it's really just kinda busy.

I went to Illinois for the week of a lifetime. Oh it was great! I loved seeing my guys. Here is a picture of us:

Josh, Chris, Me, Steve, and Steve. Love those boys.

On the way home from Illinois, I had to go to Atlanta to go back up to NY. Unfortunately I missed my flight to NY and was stuck in Atlanta for 13 hours. Ugggh that was a mess. It was so cold! The woman next to me offered me a heavy curtain she was bringing up from Florida to keep warm.haha It was insane. I didn't sleep either.

This past weekend was the other wedding up in Saratoga. It was very nice! I don't have the pictures uploaded yet, so I don't have any to share. But it was fun.

Then I got sick.

And am still sick.

What the heck?

Now this Friday I'm leaving to go to Rhode Island to visit some friends. It'll be fun but my August is slipping away from me! Pretty soon I'll be in school again. Ugggh don't even remind me.haha

I also spent a full day reading Breaking Dawn. So worth it. I really loved it. I was able to check of my mental checklist for the series. WARNING! SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Bella becomes a vampire
-Bella and Edward are together for forever
-Jacob imprints and grows up
-Bella and Edward do it.hahaha

So there you go. Time for some dinner.

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