Friday, October 24, 2008

You decide:

Fashion forward or what?!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One Week.

For one week do you think you could keep your emotions to yourself? If someone asks you how you are doing, you always answer with something positive yet not too positive?

I find myself saying "I'm fine" a lot even if I'm good or not so good.

And let me tel you this.... I can be a completely irrational person inside. Well on the outside too I guess, but on the inside for sure. I keep things to myself, then I get made when people don't ask? Or when people don't say enough if I by chance I do tell them something about how I'm feeling. I'm completely irrational in thinking that people will respond to things the way I would. I mean come on, people can't be that good. :P j/j Really though, I don't know how to stop putting expectations on people. Does that ever get better? Does it get worse? It's something I've always dealt with... hold on let me think.

Ok maybe I answered my own question. I think it has gotten better. I've been trying not to expect so much from others in the past years. Really, who gets hurt when YOU put expectations on OTHERS? Especially high ones. I have high expectations, people. I try to keep them in check, though. So that's good.

What was my point to this? Hmm... I lost it, but I just came up with another. Maybe I should have higher expectations for myself. I place them on others, why not more on me? I'm going to try. Maybe this week will be my week of try outs. It's also convenient that tomorrow is Hump Day and the week is coming to an end. :P

In other news:

-Had another wonderful weekend with Aaron. I've always saw his work ethic, but it's really becoming very evident as it now affects my life. And I have to say, I'm really proud of him. He works really hard to get ahead. It makes me feel guilty for a few reasons that I'm not going to get into right now. I really like being in his realm, I guess you could say. I feel like he's extended himself in many different directions and with different people, so to be inside it all is nice. It's hard to expand on that idea because I just came up with it. (Work it, Bridget!)

-My Mom made me her version of a yarn bell. Here are some pictures:

I'm using it tonight as I work on Aarons blanket. It's really nice!! I have to start winding my yarn, I think. For anyone who might read this, do you wind your yarn? If so, how or with what? I like the design she did.haha It's fun. A meadow sky scene on the top, and an underwater scene on the bottom. Very creative!

Other news.... other news... Oh, I got an 86 on my Psych of the Exceptional Learner midterm. I was nervous for it, but it turned out easier than I thought. So that's good! I think I got the same score on my Visual Basic midterm, too. It was right around 86.

Well I guess I should end this and go to sleep. I was so tired earlier today, but now thinking about going to sleep without Aaron next to me is kind of sad! I hope I'm not too into this man, but I do love him.haha So get off my back. :)

Have a great Wednesday!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Twilight Swap!

I received my package today!! I just got home from school and checked the mail box, nothing. Not 5 minutes later did the Fed Ex truck pull up and he popped out with my package.

She had very good directions and I found out that the box glows!haha

It was all wrapped really tightly and I almost stabbed myself with scissors BUT! It was worth it, because look this is what I found:

My cat loved getting into the wrapping and admiring Edward:

And this is all that I got!!(Minus the two things she made)

Lip gloss, Dracula book, beautiful notebook, little note cards, eye mask for the sleep over.haha, nail kit, over the hill candle because Edward is older than Bella!haha, waste basket, a little picture frame with Edward in it that is shaped like a cat(aka the mountain lion!) a lot of really fun yarn, candy and a little bottle of my most favorite C.O. Bigelow lotion. I worked at Bath and Body works for a few years and this was one of my favorites there. And she didn't even know that! So that was fun. :)

Here are the handmade items she sent:

The fingerless gloves:

The headband that I have wanted to make but never did: (I love it, it fits so well and has really great buttons on it!)

She's making me up my game on my swap package, so my recipient should thank her!!haha A huge thank you to Mayleen for the beautiful work and the thought behind everything! She pretended to be Alice and I was Bella, and this was a housewarming gift for our new place. So cute. I can't wait to wear my headband tomorrow to class. :) Thank you!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Paint Strokes

I had Monday off for Columbus day this weekend so I spent some time down at Aarons. Saturday morning/afternoon was the Army game and tailgate then I left early and drove down to New Jersey.
It was one of the worst trips of my life. I had THE WORST cramps I have ever experienced in my life. Ugh it was bad. It put me in such a bad mood, then on top of that for some reason I didn't pack anything to deal with cramps(if you catch my drift) so I had to go shopping. That was another debacle and I cried a little. It was just stressful and stupid. Ugh, awful. Then when I finally did get to Aarons I was miserable and he had his friend over, and they were doing an amazing job painting and I just couldn't muster up any enthusiasm except for the fact that I was seeing him. It was a bad day for Bridget! BUT! It did get better. Once I started feeling better, and was able to relax.
I have some pictures of his newly painted place. It looks fabulous.
The first time I went to his apartment I was taken aback because it did not reflect him at all. It was cold, empty, stark, unlivable(I mean it just seems like no one lived there) it just lacked life and love to be honest. This may sound harsh, or weird, but I don't know how anybody could have really felt at home with it like that. I know I couldn't have for an extended period of time. It was not very cozy or comfortable! And if you knew Aaron you'd realize that that is just not him. Or at least in my eyes. He's one of the most lovable people I know, so to see what I saw at first I was very surprised!!
But my oh my what a transformation. He did a great job picking out colors and making our ideas happen. He's a mastermind.
Here is the living room:

This is a picture of the bedroom. I picked out the color. He thought it was too dark at first, but I think he's really starting to love it. I LOVE it. I think it's fantastic. Warm, cozy, comfy, sexy, which are some words I'd use to describe my boy. :) He also was so nice to buy a new comforter for the bed. Oh man I did not want to get out of bed this morning! It was so comfy. I don't know, I really love that room now. Especially when we are in there together.

I love this boy.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Back in March/April our oven door decided to stop opening. It locked itself. We can't get it open and we have tried everything we can save for getting someone out here to fix it or replace it. For 6 months we have been without an oven. A few weeks after we couldn't get the oven fixed my Dad went out and bought a toaster oven. Not even a very good one, but he liked it so that's why he got it. (It sucks at the oven part, it's ok at toasting.) Now look at this with me:

Sunday morning my Dad wakes up and the tv is acting really funny. The picture is kind of warped at the top of the screen. He fiddles with it most of the day but can't fix it. It's still watchable, it just looks like the top of the screen is in 3D.haha So Sunday morning he notices the tv. And we are now proud owners of a brand new flat screen HD huge tv; resting comfortably in our living room.
Done before Monday night football.

I just want to bake some muffins!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Two weeks ago Aaron lent me his very nice laptop. Can I just tell you how nice it is to type this in bed? To do my work... in bed? Can I also just tell you the computer chair I have? Here is a picture...

That's my computer lawn chair. And it's broken. It has no back support. BUT! It's a hell of a lot better than my old computer chair:

Very uncomfortable. Every time I had to type something I had to climb back down.

Ok that's not really it, but my old computer chair was a regular nice desk chair. You know, it had the wheels, arm rests, it could be raised up or down, the only problem was that it was not attached to the base. So I couldn't raise it up or down, I couldn't wheel it any where, if I leaned back I would completely topple over. Which happened quite frequently. That was annoying!

But now... now! Now I can just lounge in bed and do everything I need to do.

My back thanks you, Aaron.
My neck thanks you, Aaron.
And I thank you. For letting me be lazy. :)