Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Back in March/April our oven door decided to stop opening. It locked itself. We can't get it open and we have tried everything we can save for getting someone out here to fix it or replace it. For 6 months we have been without an oven. A few weeks after we couldn't get the oven fixed my Dad went out and bought a toaster oven. Not even a very good one, but he liked it so that's why he got it. (It sucks at the oven part, it's ok at toasting.) Now look at this with me:

Sunday morning my Dad wakes up and the tv is acting really funny. The picture is kind of warped at the top of the screen. He fiddles with it most of the day but can't fix it. It's still watchable, it just looks like the top of the screen is in 3D.haha So Sunday morning he notices the tv. And we are now proud owners of a brand new flat screen HD huge tv; resting comfortably in our living room.
Done before Monday night football.

I just want to bake some muffins!

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Stitch-n-Snitch said...

That would be REALLY ANNOYING. Guess your someone likes TV more than muffins, though! ;)