Thursday, October 16, 2008

Twilight Swap!

I received my package today!! I just got home from school and checked the mail box, nothing. Not 5 minutes later did the Fed Ex truck pull up and he popped out with my package.

She had very good directions and I found out that the box glows!haha

It was all wrapped really tightly and I almost stabbed myself with scissors BUT! It was worth it, because look this is what I found:

My cat loved getting into the wrapping and admiring Edward:

And this is all that I got!!(Minus the two things she made)

Lip gloss, Dracula book, beautiful notebook, little note cards, eye mask for the sleep over.haha, nail kit, over the hill candle because Edward is older than Bella!haha, waste basket, a little picture frame with Edward in it that is shaped like a cat(aka the mountain lion!) a lot of really fun yarn, candy and a little bottle of my most favorite C.O. Bigelow lotion. I worked at Bath and Body works for a few years and this was one of my favorites there. And she didn't even know that! So that was fun. :)

Here are the handmade items she sent:

The fingerless gloves:

The headband that I have wanted to make but never did: (I love it, it fits so well and has really great buttons on it!)

She's making me up my game on my swap package, so my recipient should thank her!!haha A huge thank you to Mayleen for the beautiful work and the thought behind everything! She pretended to be Alice and I was Bella, and this was a housewarming gift for our new place. So cute. I can't wait to wear my headband tomorrow to class. :) Thank you!!!!