Friday, March 14, 2008

I'll have a Dr. Pepper, please.

It started off with traveling to Germany with my sister. First week took a plane, then the train, then the bus and finally had to walk to get to Germany. I'm not exactly sure where we went, but it was a castle type of place. The rooms were a light golden-y yellow. The doors were as high as the ceilings and white. When you walked into certain rooms there were 4 or 5 steep stairs leading down to an open room. In front of the open room were huge windows, 15 feet high at least. Then on the other side of the windows a stage was set up with performers singing opera. They couldn't see in, but you could see them and dance around the room or throw things at each other. Which everyone was doing when I walked in.

Then all of a sudden I was in the mall. In America. I was shopping around and I saw Daniel Craig looking like he did in Munich. (70's clothes and hair.)

He was standing there, with a basket full of pretzel bites wondering if anyone would like to try one. Get this. He worked at the pretzel place! We walked by, I can't remember who I was with, and after we turned the corner I told them I was very thirsty and had to get something to drink and that I'd meet up with them in a few minutes. They said ok and I turned around. When I got to the corner and started to turn it Daniel Craig came around with a rope and was roping off that section of the mall.

"Oh no, are you closing?" I asked.

"Not for you, come on in." He smiled and I walked in with him. Then we walked to the pretzel place.

"I like your hair, is it for a role?" He looked at me a little bemused. A smile tickling his lips.

"Yes it's for a movie called ------." (I can't for the life of me remember the name he said.)

Then we reached the counter and he stood to the right of me leaning on the counter with his hip, his arms crossed over his chest. That delightful light blue polo shirt stretched out trying to hold in his muscles. :P

"What can I get you?" The boy behind the counter said.

"I'll have a Dr. Pepper, please." I said to him. Then from directly behind me Daniel whispered into my right ear, "Ohh spicy."

(God Bless the British accent.)

Then I was back in Germany, still thirsty, and had no idea where I was going. After walking for quite some time I found my sister at the bus stop waiting with some friends to go some where. I asked her where I should go and she told me to get a cab and he'll know. Then I asked her if I had enough money and she said all I had was the slips of paper that tell you how much money you got, not the actual money. But they all looked the same! Obviously this was before the euro. She gave me some money and I went back to the castle, without Daniel Craig, and watched an opera.

The end.

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