Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm seeing red!!!

But not in a good way.

Too much blue. I don't like this!!

Today started off good. I got an 89 and a 95 on my html tests. THAT was a shocker!! After class things started to go down hill a twinge. I burnt my grilled cheese which was very upsetting. I voted, which was great, but I hate living in a blue state. I went to sit down and organize all my yarn(ugh so much) but kept getting interupted by calls and family. Then my Dad decided at that moment to check things out with the TV so I couldn't watch my movie that I was halfway through and I just took my stuff upstairs because I didn't want to deal. Wow, that was a bad sentence. And some of the calls weren't the most fun only in the fact that they kept bringing things up that I don't ever want to think about. Tell me again why people have to have pasts? Well no, have a past... just not one full of crap that I have to deal with in my head. :(
I was just getting frustrated and annoyed with everything around me. So I worked out for quite a while. At some points I think my bike went faster than it has before.haha WHICH is a good thing. I'm getting stronger!! My legs feel really strong compared to after or even before the knee surgeries. Yay for Bridget.
Now it's election time and Obama is winning. Good for him and all that, but he scares me! I will be SO happy to be proven wrong though. That's how much I love this country. :)
I'm also not feeling well. This morning it felt like a cold, then today I had terrible allergies, now I just feel like crap. Maybe it's a mixture? I feel really weird. I'm just sitting here but I feel like my head is kind of swaying back and forth.

And let it be known!!! I am going to lose some weight. Just a little, not a lot. But I've gained, and I'm sick of it. 5 or so pounds make a difference and they really make me sad.

Ok GREAT. OBAMA HAS WON. Uggggggggggggggh. Democrats are going to hold everything. What the flip! Now he's going to appoint Democrat judges and pretty soon there will be no checks and balances. Just pats on backs.

I'm sad now............................. I'll be ok in a few days! Congrats everyone!

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