Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm a dragonfly doctor. For real!

About 20 minutes ago I was sitting outside with my Mom and working on another blanket.
We were sitting by the pool on the bricks and I hear a noise behind me in the woods. I turn to look and nothing was there and as I was turning my head back to my work I noticed a commotion in the pool. A little dragon fly had landed in the water and it's wings were all wet. It couldn't get out. :(
I quickly put my blanket down and got the skimmer to get it out. I got it out very gently and set the whole thing in the grass. I watched it for a little bit and it finally moved and tried to flap it's wings. I noticed then that it had 4 wings instead of two but they were stuck together. It kept flapping it's wings trying to get them unstuck but they didn't move. I tried to help with my finger but thought that might be too much for it.
I tried to move it off of the net so I could get a better angle and it climbed up on my finger. I couldn't even feel it, except for it's legs. I could feel them gripping my finger. It had a long, long skinny tail that it could curl up. It curled it up and tried to rub the wings apart but it didn't work.
That's when I took a blade of grass and set out to do some dragonly surgery.
I took the blade of grass and ripped it so it came to a nice point then very carefully I put the blade inbetween the wings and so so so slowy ran it until the wings came apart. The dragonfly didn't try to get away or make it seem like I was hurting it plus it didn't try to hop off my finger or anything. So I gave him a minute to rest and he was cleaning his eyes and curling his tail trying to get his wings apart and trying to flap them. I repeated the same process on the other set of wings and he stood on my finger for another minute flapping his wings and cleaning his eyes.
Just as I was saying "If I put you down for a second promise not to fly away?" He flew away.haha I wanted to get my camera. :(

So I hope I did a good deed. He flew away with a lot of gusto, so hopefully he has a new lease on life and will protect me from mosquitos in the future. :)

This is what he looked like, just not black and yellow. He was more silvery:

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