Friday, June 20, 2008

Don't you honk at me!

I see you behind me Mr. Silver Mercedes.
Don't keep honking at me.

It just so happens I'm a little Green Saturn that has no acceleration especially compared to your Silver Mercedes.

I see you back there! I'm trying to turn right but you see there is this pesky oncoming traffic that I can't cut off. Because if I shoot out in front of them they will hit me. Like I said Mr. Silver Mercedes, I'm a little Green Saturn and can't go from 0-219 in .3 seconds.

There! Are you happy now Mr. Silver Mercedes? I pulled out before the green light but without the risk of being creamed by those cars. I see you shoot out behind me without looking Mr. Silver Mercedes, what's your rush?

Wait, where did you go Mr. Silver Mercedes? You're not up my butt anymore?

OH THERE YOU ARE. You were in such a HURRY to get out from RIGHT behind me so you could take the next immediate right turn into the GAS STATION.
I see you're a masochist and like to hurry to get killed at the pumps.

Thanks SO much Mr. Silver Mercedes for annoying me and making me think I'm doing something wrong when you're just a giant pain in the bumper.
I hope you accidentally hit the Regular button instead of your Precious Premium.

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