Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh Josh...

My good friend Josh might come up for my birthday!!! There are a few things about why this is unlikely but amazingly awesome if he could:

-I haven't seen him since last July.
-He's in the Army.
-He's being deployed to Afghanistan mid-July.
-I have had a crush on him since I met him.(Which is not my motivation.)
-He might have a 4 day weekend if he gets clearance.
-Tickets from TN to NY are kinda expensive(but like I told him, he wont be spending much money for the next year.haha)
-I would just like to give him a hug!

It would just be really great to see him before he goes. Like I said I haven't seen him since last July. So it would be another year at least until I saw him again. :/ That makes me sad. At least we have been able to talk a lot.

Le sigh. It would certainly be the best birthday gift if I could pick him up from the airport this weekend. He reminds me of my dear Dylan and that scares me. But I'm not going into that, I don't feel like being sad tonight.


Karen said...

Hey girlie! I hope you got to see your friend over the weekend.

Happy birthday once more. :)

CheersToDublin said...

Thanks Karen!

He didn't make it, but I'll see him when he comes home for his two week rest. :)