Monday, May 19, 2008

The Green Blanket

So here is my blanket I'm making for my cousin William and his soon to be wife Christina. I don't know much about her except she is a rich dentist. A fact I hear often from my Aunt(Williams mother) She never mentions the fact that this is his second marriage. He went out on his first date with Christina the day his ex wife moved out. Oh and she is exactly like his ex. EXACTLY! Same personality, body type, she just has dark hair.haha Everything on their registry is too expensive for me, but I like making things better. She's a rich dentist, she can buy her own espresso machine. Because I KNOW William doesn't drink it.haha
The above picture is with the flash, it's more color correct than the bottom pictures. But you can see the detail better in the bottom. I really love how it's turning out. My hands, however, are not. They are killing me today. Got the brace on though. Hi, I just turned 80. I have bad hands and arthritis.haha

What do you think? I'm making another one simliar to this but with a different pattern. It's more modern than flowers. It's for my great friend Chris and his soon to be wife. He just got back from Iraq and while he was over there I told him I'd make them a blanket! Except I told him it would be pink. If these didn't take so long I'd make him a gag blanket in hot pink and hearts.haha
That's it. Time to go read and eat some pizza.

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