Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wal Mart

As many of you probably know, Wal Mart is the best store in my life। The only draw back of the Wal Mart closest to me are the always long and far too few lines। The few that are open are backed up into the ladies department and everyone is reading a magazine or on their phone.

Today I would have gone to the self check-out line but I had a lot of heavy items I had no desire to pick up. Plus, the last time I brought cat/dog food to a self check-out line it got caught on a corner and all 50 pounds scattered across the floor. It was the last bag of this particular food, too. Weber was NOT happy when I got home.

So today. I get into line and there is only ONE lady in front of me. Only ONE! It was a dream come true because other lines were becoming backed up. I soon realize that my good fortune is actually nothing of the sort. This one woman had three carts FULL of stuff. I didn't see the ones in front of her. For every item in her cartS she had COUPONS.

She couldn't just put everything on the belt and then hand in the coupons... no she had to select a coupon and search in all three carts for the item she wants discounted. She searched two carts and her young son(maybe about 6 or 7) searched another one. She had coupons for everything. I couldn't believe it.

The cashier went to total it all up but then there was a problem. The lady had too many coupons. So of course she's throwing up a stink, she was actually pretty rude to the cashier. The manager or whomever came over and went through this whole long process so this lady could get her discounts. He goes through it all and when he's done she doesn't even say thank you when he says "OK, there you go." Not a word. She just stood there.

THEN she has 6 Resolve carpet cleaner bottles in her last cart. She tells the cashier that she wants to ring each Resolve bottle seperately so she can get the rebates for them. Guess what... she was buying them each by credit card. Just as she was done telling the cashier this another cashier comes up and says she's here to take over. The other cashier gets her stuff and says "Take care" and smiles to the lady in front of me and the lady stands there with her coupons fisted in her hand which is on her him and says "MM hmmm" like she couldn't be bothered. She was really rude.
The next cashier comes up and the lady is all talkative and smiles. I have my own theories about that, but I'm not blogging them.She gets all of her Resolves rung up and all 6 of her receipts for her rebates and was like "HAVE A GREAT DAY!" to the new cashier.

I was annoyed.
Very annoyed.

Did I mention the lady behind me was on her phone trying to get her significant other to talk dirty to her?
Words for the wise: Even though you are whispering, I can still hear you because you are RIGHT behind me.

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