Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ok, you can honk at me!

Short entry:

I was on my way home from school today waiting at the light to turn onto 84. The light JUST turned green and someone honked next to me. My first thought was to the car in front of the obnoxious honker, that poor guy didn't even have time to press on the gas. So I look over to the car that honked to give my mean glare when I see 4 men in Army uniforms. They were not looking mean and in a hurry, in fact two (closest to the windows) were looking at me smiling. When I wiped the dirty look off my face and saw the one in the passenger seat wave I smiled and drove on my merry way.

This was a nice pick me up for the day, even though nothing would come of a random honker. It was great all the same because they saw me from my bad side. The one with the wrinkle.

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